About Me

  • Born in Muenster, Germany 1972
  • Bank Clerk
  • Social Worker since 2000
  • Alpha Chi Feng Shui Consultant since 2003
  • Gauri Gatha Consultant since 2003
  • Atlantis Crystal Healer since 2004
  • Spiritual Teacher since 2006
  • Professional stays in Münster, Mainz, London and New Orleans
  • Job and Personality Coach of young adults 2008-2015
  • Social pedagogical group management of elementary school students in Heidelberg since 2017

    In my heart you find unconditional love that embraces everything. Nothing is foreign to me or strange to my love. I know about the darkest depths and levels of the soul, because I went through them myself.

    So I am a companion to all those, who want to find themselves and their light, who have lost their path, or forgot about their destination. My depth and compassion permeates all layers and brightens them, so that the path, strength and joy of their own beings become visible and tangible again.

    Sparks of joy are pouring out in my work to brighten the darkness that still lays like a cloak around peoples souls. Through my work this cloak can dissolve in love and the real, true being is resurrected to be experienced in its splendor for everyone. My form of work is powerful and gentle at the same time, and it is a great pleasure to serve anyone, who longs to find himself again.

    My way of working is clear, loving and pragmatic. I grasp the core of a subject precisely and work in depth until peace and healing occur in the whole system. Thereby I give leadership and guidance in times of change.



Anra Hoegemann
+49 1577 682 5148

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