My Work

Do you feel a resonance when reading the following questions?
Do you feel a call to reevaluate your life?
Do you question your happiness?
Do you long to be part of a dynamic and healthy relationship that supports growth and personal development?
Do you feel you are in the right place in your professional life? Or are you remaining in a stagnant position, for fear of change or restricting financial obligations?
Do you feel free and autonomous in your professional and personal relationships?
Do you love yourself?

Your living condition is a mirror of yourself. I can help you take a look at the way the energy flows around you. It is possible to break free of the stagnant holding patterns that prevent your personal and professional growth. We can easily create a path to increased self-esteem, strength and joy. Your intuition will be strengthened and you will be able to follow the flow of life more harmoniously long into the future.

Read on to discover more about me and my work. I look forward to helping you!


Gauri Gatha Family and Systemic Constellations

The world in which we live is ruled by regulations, structures and systems. Communication problems within the family, among friends or in the workplace are often not explainable. Time and again, we find ourselves repeating similar limiting patterns. Caught in these patterns, our vitality is limited, resulting in overall dissatisfaction and frustration.

Gauri Gatha resolves these limiting patterns, the resulting behaviors that have arisen as a result. Freeing ourselves of these old blockages allows healthy and harmonious relationships and experiences to come into our lives. The new structure creates openness and peace within ourselves and flows to those around us. Personal and professional development can follow!

Some aspects of your life we can focus on:
  • Family: family of origin, childhood difficulties or abnormalities, unresolved conflicts

  • Occupation: problems with management/staff/co-workers, fear of change

  • Life Issues: disease or illness, decision processes, relationships, addiction

(Gauri Gatha is Sanskrit and means: The Song of the Divine Mother)

Atlantis Crystal Healing

The Atlantis Crystal Healing is based on old Atlantis knowledge of the healing power of crystals. With the use of the Crystals a very effective healing for your body and soul can be initiated. The Crystal Healing includes a wide range of treatment options.
Some possibilities include:
  • Crystal Surgery: this addresses physical complaints, such as organs, teeth, joints, migraine, eczema or physical rehabilitation from an accident, illness or surgery

  • Blast Blocks: fear, trauma, emotional injuries are resolved

  • The Golden Crystal: this addresses extreme fatigue and lack of drive as well as facilitates the resolution of crisis, treats imbalances of the Liver and Bile production

  • Support of Children: inner restlessness, lack of concentration, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, and developmental delays can be addressed

  • Vision Crystal: discover answers on internal issues and identify developmental steps

  • Protection Chrystal: strengthen your inner space and prevent yourself from absorbing energies from other people

  • Fire Stone: bears a very high power of transformation. It supports and accelerates personal development and discovery
The crystal healer works in a non-invasive way, and if necessary with multiple treatments, until the desired result has stabilized on both a physical and spiritual level.

The healing is non-verbal with deep-reaching effects. Crystal healing can be beautifully integrated into a treatment plan as the great variety of methods will both supplement and enhance orthodox, alternative and complementary procedures.

Alpha Chi Feng Shui

The life energy, Chi, flows through our living and work spaces. It invigorates and gives us strength in everyday life. Through a variety of negative influences, the flow of Chi can become disrupted. Our living space and workplace should be contributing to a harmonious flow of energy, instead of detracting from it.

When to use Feng Shui?
  • When experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, exhaustion, inner restlessness or insomnia
  • With recurring crises and conflicts in the family or relationship
  • When there is "thick air", despite there being enough room
  • When there is stagnant work processes and lack of harmony in the work team
  • In the case of a real estate transaction, construction or relocation
With energetic Feng Shui rooms can be freed from the burdensome traces of the past. Influences from the surrounding environment of the home are considered, including geography, waterways and neighboring industry. Historically charged places can be cleansed. Feng Shui creates an energy base that supports the needs of the inhabitants. It also helps to identify new prospects and implement them. A home that offers harmony in an uplifting space for everyone is the result: A place of strength. Feng Shui enhances business premises. People who enter will feel invited, and this will promote effective and successful cooperation.

Earth Cleansing

I have worked in this field for 6 years. The work is about freeing rooms and buildings, or even large areas, from negatively charged energy that is restricting the flow in these spaces. This can include various historical events.
These energies are recorded and stored in the earth and are waiting to be transformed.
Often we can notice that land and buildings are affected by the energy flow. This can be very obvious. Sometimes it is not obvious at all; we just recognize that something is not in tune. Emotions leave traces in the earth, thus the land, and everything that takes place there is affected.

In my earth cleansing work I energetically search the source of the historical burden.
I find the general cause of the trauma and then clear the energy.

The outcome is a place rich of powerful supportive energy.
The individual cleansing of each spot allows rediscovering the original powerful energy. The result is a healthier and happier life for its inhabitants.

Feel free to call with any questions.